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Francois Boucher, born November 22nd, 1617 in Paroisse de St-Langis-les-Mortagne, Perche, France. He arrived in Quebec with his father in 1634 and married Florence Garman on September 3rd, 1641 in Quebec City. Seven children were born to this couple including Pierre Boucher, born September 29th, 1648 in Sillery, Quebec.

Pierre Boucher, Sr. married Helene Gaudry on December 13th, 1671, in Quebec, and they went on to have seven children including Pierre Boucher, born around 1688 in Quebec. Pierre Jr. married Anne Hebert on February 12th, 1714 in Grand Pre, Acadia, and they had two children:

  • Marguerite Boucher, born about 1715 in Port Toulouse, Ile Royale (St. Peter’s),
  • Honore Boucher, born about 1716 in Port Toulose

Marguerite married Jean-Baptise Touquerand on January 23rd, 1732 in Louisbourg, Acadia. It is not recorded that they had any children and Jean-Baptise Touquerand was an only child. In a census taken in 1778, it notes that Marguerite resided in Normandie, France.

Honore married Marie-Anne Marres around 1743 at Port Toulouse, Acadia. Nine children were born to this couple, including Paul born about 1760 in Arichat.

Paul Boucher is believed to have brought the Boucher name to Havre Boucher. He married Pelagie Coste around 1785 in Arichat. Ten children were born to this couple in Harbour au Bouche. Pelagie had four brothers who also moved to Harbour au Boucher (bringing the Coste name to the area). In 1785 a tract of land measuring 100 acres was granted to Paul Bushee and a tract of land measuring 100 acres granted to Philistin Coste in what was to become Harbour au Bouche.

During this time, it was not uncommon for sisters from one family to marry brothers from another family. For example Pierre Boucher, a nephew of Paul Boucher married Osite Forgeron and they had at least four children. Three of their daughters married Fougere brothers in Harbour au Bouchie, as follows:

  • Henriette Boucher married Lamond Fougere and they had nine children.
  • Genevieve Boucher married Francois Fougere and they had five children.
  • Veronique Boucher married Marcel Fougere and they had six children.

Early land registry records saw the Boucher surname spelled as Bushee is registered documents.