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Charles Charpentier was born about 1688 in Granville, Normandie, France. Around 1719 he was residing in Havre St-Pierre, Ile St. Jean (Prince Edward Island) and resided there until at least 1734 as he was included in the Havre St-Pierre of that year. About 1723, he married a native of Port Royal, Marie-Josephe Chenet in Port Toulouse, around 1723. Six children were born to this couple in Havre St-Pierre, including Georges Joseph born Apr 15, 1729. Charles died September 13,1738 in Port Joile, Ile St. Jean.

Georges Joseph resided in many different areas over the course of his life. He is recording as living in St. Pierre-du-Nord, Ile St. Jean, Acadia, from his birth up to and including the census of 1752. Deported from Ile St. Jean to Brittany, France during the winter 0f 1758-1759, he is recorded as living in St. Servan, Bretagne, France in 1759. He married his first wife, Anne Cyr, on January 27th, 1761 in France, where he remained until 1774, which was the year he immigrated to Nova Scotia. Through his marriage to Anne Cyr, Georges became involved in the fruitless attempt to colonize Iles Malouines (now the Falkland Islands. Eight children were born to this couple, including Alexandre born in the Falkland Islands about 1767, About 1770, Georges and Anne returned to Bretagne and in 1774 they took advantage of an opportunity to relocate to Isle Madame where Anne Cyr died in Arichat shortly following the birth of her son Michel in September, 1776.

Georges moved to Gaspe about 1780 where he married his second wife, Marguerite-Josephe Henry, the widow of Gregoire Daigre. They had one child, Louis born in Bonaventure, Quebec about 1784.

Georges returned to Arichat about 1785, before moving to Harbour au Bouche around 1786, bringing the Charpentier name with him.

Georges’ son, Alexandre married Olive Victoire Daigre around 1795 in Tracadie. They had four children and lived in Harbour au Bouche. Three of their four children stayed in Harbour au Bouche, while one son  Elie David moved to Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island and married a local girl Veronique Bourque. Louis married Marine Mombourquette in 1828 and many of the Carpenters in Havre Boucher descend from the nine children of this marriage.

Over the years, the Charpentier family name has been anglicized to Carpenter.