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The DeGruchy family is said to have originated at Grouchy, near Breville France. About 1204, when the French Kings took Normandy, the DeGruchys relocated to Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Jerripedia, a website sharing knowledge about Jersey’s people, places and heritage provides a wealth of information on the ancestors of our Havre Boucher DeGruchys.

Philippe DeGruchy was born in 1830 in the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands. He married Mary Ann DeGruchy in 1848 and together they had four children before Philippe died of consumption at sea on July 6, 1859 aboard the brig William of Jersey.

Charles Henry DeGruchy was born September 27, 1850 in St. Brelaide, Jersey, Channel Islands. He settled at Halifax about 1870 where he became engaged in the coastal trade, His grandson Peter Allen DeGruchy wrote that Charles would sail from Nova Scotia with two friends to Baie des Chaleurs and elsewhere in Gaspe to pick up hemlock lumber which was in demand for the building of road bridges. Charles met Mary Virginia Petitpas in Cape Canso and they were married in that town in 1879. She was the daughter of Joseph Petitpas and Mary Doiron of Molasses Harbour. Charles later purchased 25 acres of land from the Crown at Lundy, Guysborough County where he served as Postmaster for 16 years before relocating to Havre Boucher where four of his sons (Fred, Allan, Dan and Jim) had settled.

Charles was the second oldest child of Philippe DeGruchy and Mary Ann DeGruchy.

  • His older brother Philip DeGruchy was born on November 26, 1848 in St. Brelaide, He immigrated to Montreal in 1882 as a harness maker. Civil records for Philip beyond 1882 are not found.
  • His sister Mary Ann was born in 1853 in St. Brelaide. She married Jean Letemplier in 1871 and remained on the Isle of Jersey.
  • His youngest brother John was born in 1855 and died in 1859 at the age of four just two months before his father’s death.

Philippe’s widow, Mary Ann married Thomas Loudon in 1863 and remained on the Isle of Jersey.