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Etienne Pellerin was born in France about 1647 and reached Port Royal after the first census taken in 1671. Around 1675, he married Jeanne Savoie, born in Port Royal about 1658. Ten children were born to this couple in Port Royal including Alexandre born about 1694. In August 1714, soon after the British took over the colony, Etienne was among the Acadians who travelled to Ile Royale (Cape Breton) aboard the King’s vessel La Marie Josephe to look at possible resettlement. He did not like what he saw and returned to Port Royal enduring British rule there. Etienne died in Port Royal on November 17, 1722 and his widow Jeanne died in Port Royal on November 3, 1735.

On January 13, 1716 Alexandre married Jeanne Gaudet, born in Port Royal about 1698. Thirteen children were born to this couple including Paul born about 1746. Alexandre Pellerin was in the list of prisoners held at Fort Edward, Windsor (formerly Pisiguit) in 1761 but Paul was not among them. Alexandre relocated to Chezzetcook upon his release and died there in April, 1770.

Paul Pellerin married Marie-Louise Petitpas, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Petitpas and Francoise Bertaud about 1772 in Chezzetcook. Eleven children were born to this couple in Chezzetcook including Paul Jr. born about 1776 and Hubert born about 1777, the ancestors of all the Pelrine’s in Havre Boucher.

Paul Jr. married Marie Coste in Harbour au Bouche about 1808. Marie was born about 1785, daughter of Jacques Coste and Archange Langlois. She died in Harbour au Bouchie in 1831. Paul died in Harbour au Bouche on March 14, 1867 at 99 years of age. Informant Peter Pelrine reported that Paul was found frozen to death but given his advanced age, he most likely died of natural causes. Paul and Marie had five children including Sebastien who married Rebecca Crispo and Michael who lost his life on the schooner Kate on that fateful voyage in 1876.

Martin Pelrine, a descendant of Paul’s brother Hubert, moved from Port Felix to Havre Boucher with his wife Clare when his father in law Joseph Fougere moved from Port Felix to take over the mail run about 1924.

The Pellerin surname, like many other early Acadian names was modified over the years with Pelrine now being the predominant spelling in the Havre Boucher area.