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Gabriel Samson was born August 28, 1643 in St. Gatien-de-Bois, France and died June 30, 1690 in Quebec City. He married Francoise Durand on November 21, 1669 in Quebec City. Ten children were born to this couple including Gabriel (2), born about 1682 in Levis, Quebec.

The many struggles of the Samson family in the new world are set out in considerable detail at the following website.

Gabriel Samson (2) moved to Port Royal, Nova Scotia where he married Jeanne Martin on April 7, 1704. That same year, Gabriel and his wife Jeanne were captured by the British and taken as hostages to Boston before being returned to Port Royal in early 1706. Ten children were born to this couple, including Mathieu Samson born July 13,1709 in Port Royal. Gabriel, his wife Jeanne and their family moved to Port Toulouse about 1721. In 1734 Mathieu married Marguerite Poujet who had also relocated from Port Royal to Port Toulouse. Mathieu Samson and Marguerite Poujet are the common ancestors of all of the Sampsons living in Havre Boucher. Eight children were born to this couple including Jean Baptiste Samson born about 1736 in Port Toulouse and Francois Samson born about 1738 in Port Toulouse. All of Mathieu and Marguerite’s sons settled in L’Ardoise except for Jean-Baptiste who was one of the pioneer settlors in River Bourgeois, Cape Breton. 

Albert Sampson who moved from L’Ardoise to Havre Boucher about 1916 and Freeman Sampson who moved from Port Felix to Havre Boucher in 1918 were fifth cousins.

Albert Sampson descends from Francoise Samson who married Marie Josephe Maillet about 1767 in L’Ardoise. Albert Sampson moved to Havre Boucher in 1916 at nine years of age upon the death of his father. Albert’s father Edouard had a first cousin Charles Barrett who had moved from L’Ardoise to Havre Boucher to marry Louise Carpenter. Charles and Louise were childless and they agreed to take and raise Albert in Havre Boucher to ease the burden on Albert’s mother, Sophia, who still had five younger children at home. Albert moved to Michigan in 1928 to work in the automotive industry and in 1930 married Martha Fougere of Havre Boucher in Detroit. Albert and Martha returned to Havre Boucher following their marriage and seven children were born to this couple.   

Freeman descends from Jean Baptiste Samson who married Francoise Marguerite Clerge about 1763 in L’Ardoise, Cape Breton. He married Mary ‘Minnie’ Pellerin of East Havre Boucher and after the birth of their first daughter, Mary Ellen, they moved to Havre Boucher about 1918 where five more children were born.