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The ancestors of the Webb family that settled in Harbour au Bouche have a rich history and a long line of sea captains that date back to the early days of American colonization. John Webb was born in Dorsetshire, England about 1615. He was in Boston as early as 1634 and married Anna Bassett of Hartford in 1640. Eight children were born to this couple including Captain Daniel Webb born in 1651 in Salem, Massachussetts.

Captain Daniel married Mary Beckett in Salem in 1765 and one child was born to this couple, Captain John born in 1676.

Captain John married Elizabeth Phippen in Salem in 1705 and four children were born to this couple including Captain William Webb born in Salem in 1717.

Captain William Webb married Abigail Riggs in 1741 in Gloucester, Massachussetts and they had two children including Captain William Webb born in 1744 in Gloucester, Massachussetts.

Captain William Webb married Elizabeth Holland in Manchester in 1763. This couple had one child Michael Theodore born July 1, 1768 in Porsmouth, New Hampshire.

William’s son Michael, spent part of his youth at sea as a cabin boy starting at the age of 12. This allowed him to see many different places in the world, such as spots in America and England. Once he got older, he became captain and owner of a schooner that participated in the coasting trade of the Maritime Provinces, one of his stops often being Harbour au Bouche. Michael became close with the D’Aigle family while in Harbour au Bouche and eventually married a daughter, Jeanette Francoise D’Aigle around 1791. Five children were born to this couple:

  • Michael Hubert married Anastasia Petitpas
  • Margaret who married Mark Crispo
  • Annie who married Joseph DeCoste
  • Reine who married James O’Neill
  • Euphrasia who married Benjamin O’Neill

Michael Hubert is the common ancestor of virtually all of the Webb’s with roots in Harbour au Bouche and Mulgrave.