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Vincent Breau was born near Loudun, 300 kilometres south-west of Paris, France, in 1631, and was about 21 when he arrived at Port Royal, in Acadie. Nine years later he married Marie Bourg and raised a family of 11 children. His fourth child, Pierre (b.1670), married Marie Josephe Bourgeois, with whom he had three children. Being widowed he married in 1705 Anne LeBlanc, moved to Grand Pré, where he raised seven more children. In 1755 he was deported with his family to Braintree, Massachusetts where he died three years later.

Most of his children, after the Peace of 1763, moved to various parts of Québec. His son Jean (b.1699), who married Anne Gauterot, lived in the parish of St. Charles in Grand Pré. In 1752 he had moved to Port Toulouse (St. Peter’s) Cape Breton, where he seems to have escaped deportation.

Some of his children came to Chezzetcook. Joseph (b.1726) married Marie Suret in 1769. Magdaleine (b.1737) married Joseph Guenon in 1760. Marguerite (b.1735) married Joseph Petitpas in 1767.

His son Amand (b.1731), who lived at the “Riviére-aux-Canards”, near Grand Pré, at first evaded the Expulsion of 1755, but later was captured and held as prisoner in Halifax until 1763. Married about that time to Théotiste Bonnevie before witnesses, he proceeded to the French island of Miquelon, where on October 9th, 1765, he had his marriage blessed. He then returned to the Chezzetcook area about 1771, where he was  baptized at the hands of the missionary Charles François Bailly, just returned from a yearlong tour of Cape Breton.

We do not know where Amand and his family went thereafter, but one of his sons, Sylvain born February 3, 1770 in Chezzwtcook married Pelagie Godon about 1790 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. This couple had six children, all of whom were raised in Harbour au Bouche and are the ancestors of the many Brow descendants who remain in Havre Boucher to this day.

The Breau surname, like many other early Acadian names was modified over the years with Brow now being the predominant spelling in the Havre Boucher area.