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Jean Roi was born in 1648 at St. Malo, France. When he was 23 years old, in 1671, he boarded a ship and landed in Port Royal, Acadia. In 1684 he married Marie Aubois (of the woods), a native of Acadia. They had the following children: Anne, Marie, Jean, Francois, Philippe, Charles, Francoise, Madeleine and Renaud.

Francois Boniface Roi was born in 1692 at Port Royal, the son Jean Roy and Marie Aubois. On January 17, 1717, he married Marie Bergeron, the daughter of Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Aubin. They gave birth to these children: Josephe, Francois, Benoit, Joseph, Madeleine, Abraham, Marie, M. Rose and M. Elizabeth. Marie Bergeron passed away shortly after the birth of M. Elizabeth in 1740. Francois (Sr.) remarried in 1741 to Marguerite Bujeau. Of interesting note, Francois and Marie’s son Abraham, born in 1731, was deported to Louisiana by the English in 1755.

Francois Roi, his wife and eight children appeared in the 1739 census of Point Saint Anne, New Brunswick.

Benoit Roy was born in 1720, the son of Francois Boniface Roy and Marie Bergeron. In 1762 he married Euphrosine Bourg. Six children were born to this couple; Charles Boniface, M. Osithe, Anne Marguerite, Wenceslas, Firman and Francois.

In 1763, Benoit, Euphrosine and their son Charles Boniface were held prisoner by the English at Halifax. By 1768, they were released and they settled at Ste. Anne de Pays Bas (Fredericton), on the banks of the St. John River. In 1791, Benoit and his family settled in the county of Madawaska. Benoit passed away on May 9, 1819, at Bouctouche, New Brunswick.

Firman Roy was born about 1760 in Ecoupag, New Brunswick and held prisoner with his family in Halifax from 1763 until they were released in 1768. He married Anne Ursule Wolfe in Bouctouche, New Brunswick in 1783.They had these children: Isaac, Charles, Ursule and Boniface.

Isaac (Roy) King was born about 1786 in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. This family was living in Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia in 1793 when Isaac’s sister Ursule was born and in Arichat in 1808 when Isaac married Marguerite Forgeron. They had one daughter Marguerite about 1810. Marguerite died during childbirth or shortly thereafter. Following Marguerite’s death, Isaac moved to Harbour au Bouche where he married his second wife Anne Jeanne Lavandier in 1814. His daughter Marguerite from his first marriage to Marguerite Forgeron became the second wife of Jean Baptiste Melon.

The six children from Isaac’s second marriage settled in Harbour au Bouche and the Tor Bay area of Guysborough County.

The Roi surname modified to Roy survives to this day but many Roy’s who moved to the Boston states in the later part of the 1800’s adopted King as an anglicized variation to improve employment opportunities.